Masava Super Sava PH Neutral , 10 L

MASAVA Super Sava: Effektivt Vandbaseret Rensemiddel til Alsidig Brug MASAVA Super Sava er din perfekte partner til at besejre olie, fedt, sod og snavs på enhver overflade, der kan tåle vand. Dette vandbaserede neutrale rengøringsmiddel er ekstremt effektivt og alsidigt og kan bruges på gulve, vægge, lofter, inventar, maskiner, maskindele og andre metaldele. Udover sin imponerende rengøringsevne fungerer produktet også som en pålidelig grafittifjerner.
Varenummer: 80-MA-SS-0010

MASAVA Super Sava is a waterbased neutral cleaning product that cleans very effectively oil, grease, soot and dirt from all surfaces that can withstand water. Such as floors, walls, ceilings, inventory, machines, machine parts and other metal parts. The product is further suitable as graffiti remover. MASAVA Super Sava is free from phosphates and alkalis and generate moderate foam.


Dilute with cold or warm water, ratio 1:5 or 1:10 depending of the cleaning required.

Apply dilution with cloth, brush, sponge, high-pressure cleaner or by immersing. Let it work for 5-10 minutes depending of the cleaning required, rinse after with water. 


The product is an aqueous solution of non- and cationic tensides, esters of sebacic acids, glycolether and colour.


Masava Super Sava has for several years been used in heavy industrial applications, engineering works, breweries and at garages. 

Product attributes
Physical State Liquid
Colour Green
Danger Symbol None
pH concentrated 7
Specific gravity 0,99 g/ml
Solubility in water